About Us

Small Apps is a UK based company which provides mobile app systems which are affordable solutions for small to medium size businesses.
Our small team designs and creates bespoke applications to help our customers serve theirs better.

We design and build your personalized app to fit your customers’ demands in keeping with your brand or creating a new direction.

Features That Matter

Crucial to every great app

Food Ordering

Browse entire categorized food menus easily and quickly.

Easy shopping cart management

Add items to a shopping cart , quantities, dietary preferences & more.

Secure Payment

Pay securely directly through the app from your shopping cart.

Online payments

Online card payments taken through the app or through PayPal.

Loyalty Rewards

Give repeat customers that extra incentive with bonus loyalty rewards.

Reward loyal customers

Loyalty rewards directly through the app – you customers collect and save on every visit.

Social Media

Integration of social media platforms for easy social networking.

Share food suggestions & deals

Allow customers to share new dishes, deals or reviews easily through the app.

Custom Appearance

Your app is designed to fit the needs and style of your business.

Stand out from the crowd

Using your logo and brand we can create a sleek app to represent your business in a stylish way.

Push Notifications

Keep your customers up to date with notifications directly through your app.

Deals & updates directly through the app

Deliver deals directly to your customers or update them on special offers instantly.

Excellent Customer Service

App Analytics

We track usage and engagement metrics to get updated information on your app user base. Capturing important user demographic information, giving you more insight into your customer base than ever before. We monitor this feature for you in order to provide the most up to date analytics on your customers.

Designed and built to match your business

Your app is designed and built to your specific needs, in keeping with the identity you already have or creating a new one for you. Our design team will create the app to suit your business, using colours, logos, fonts and style that is truly representative of your company and of course, stylish, sleek and most importantly, easy to use.

Why your business needs an app

Why pay commission to use the popular food ordering services it’s your restaurant, your business, your customers you should be able to provide this service to them. Over 70% of people prefer to place their food orders online using an App, this is a huge market you can tap into. Offering deals and loyalty rewards creates a bond with you and your customer, keeping them coming back and ordering again and again.

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